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LBAL020: Jure Šajn, Expressions / Beat the Sweet

15 EUR

Jure Šajn is a graphic designer and photographer from Slovenia, actively engaged in local punk and bike community.

Expressions and Beat the Sweet present artist's latest series of collages and experimental photography, divided in two series of prints, packed together in an envelope.

Artworks are often combined from various photos taken at random events, from punk shows to bike competitions. Final renderitions as collages offer special view at the subjects and can be seen as a single artworks or as a part of larger series that are connected together with a shared narrative.

printed with Risograph, federal blue ink
210 x 297 mm, 170g Fedrigoni Arcoprint
40 copies, 2016

Look Back and Laugh is a small publishing house based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The primary focus of LBAL is to publish our own work as well as work we respect and like. We are open to all forms of art.